Кентавр 2013Б


power tiller, gasoline engine, power: 13 HP, volume 367 cm3

Main (Кентавр 2013Б)
The recommended size of the processing 3 000 m2
Type motoblock
Engine type petrol
Motor power in HP 13 l.s.
Width (cultivation) 0 — 100 sm
The depth of plowing 0 — 30 sm
Features (Кентавр 2013Б)
System mounting bracket
Engine (Кентавр 2013Б)
The maximum forward speed 25 km/h
The working volume of the engine 367 sm3
The amount of gear 3
Start engine manual
Design and dimensions (Кентавр 2013Б)
Height-adjustable handlebar
Protective wheels
Length 180 sm
Weight 132 kg
Installation of attachments
Trim (Кентавр 2013Б)
Width 85 sm
Height 135 sm
Delivery Pluginsuccessuniversity on the Russian azicip
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